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About KT Board
We are the perfect alternative to OEM brands while providing the quality foam board you are looking for. By making the choice to purchase foam board from Chuang Qi, you are taking the step to saving your cost on foam board and far from obsession from quality trouble. We specialize in the customized design, develop and manufacture all varieties of quality sign and display foam boards, including White and White Foam Board, Self Adhesive Foam Board, Color Foam Board, PVC Foam Board, Acrylis sheets.......<more>
What Is PS Foam Board?
Foam board, also known as foamcore or foam core,in china called kt board.is a backing material widely used in framing art. It is made of a type of Styrofoam covered on both sides with paper or plastic so that the foam is the core of the sandwich. Foam board is usually White, although some manufacturers also offer Black Foam Board. It is 1/8 or 3/16 of an inch (.3-.5 centimeters) thick. ...... <more>
What Is PVC Foam Board?
PVC foam board is the best building materials, because it's environment, it is widely designed for digital printing, screen printing, signs, displays, and constructions application and building. The PVC foam board contains PVC Free Foam Board ,PVC Celuka Foam Board, PVC Crust Foam Board. PVC Foam Board is the best replacement for lumber and aluminum. Commonly used in :
1:exhibition desk, Shelve in supermarket;
2:Advertisement Board and sign board;
3:Architectural decoration and upholstery;
4:Printing,Engraving,Furniture,Bathroom cabinet.......<more>
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